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SPIRIT DANCE GUITARS is a coming together of my passion for music, art, spirituality and guitars. My ethos is to create musical artwork which is functional and beautiful.

I design and create guitars working with each client individually. My mission is always to create something unique and deeply connected to the client, on an energetic level. The whole process is a holistic one and a complete experience during which I work closely with each client to create their guitar.

I design them after video call or face to face consultation with the client and a render of the guitar is sent to them to check and approve before the build process begins. Once approved the build takes place and I stay in constant contact with the client with updates about the build.

I use hand drawn artwork, intricate carving, crystal inlays, real feathers, wood burning and other elements to bring the instrument together.

Once the guitar is built, I cleanse it with sage (smudge stick) and reiki it to prepare it for its new home.

I use only the highest quality woods and parts to create these unique guitars and as each guitar is individually designed, there and many possibilities.

Builds times vary depending on design but are typically around 6 to 10 months depending on the model.

Please note that I only ever build and sell guitars directly. I do not list the guitars on any websites such as eBay or Reverb and I do not sell through any stores (online or otherwise). If you see a Spirit Dance listed elsewhere….. it’s ain’t a real Spirit Dance. Each guitar that I build comes with a certificate of build which is individually designed each time I build an instrument. It is as personal as the instrument itself. So, beware of any Spirit Dance Guitar that is listed elsewhere.

I look forward to working with you on your Spirit Dance Guitar.


Jay Parmar

hardware includes:

PARIAH PICKUPS | ARCANE PICKUPS | SEYMOUR DUNCAN pickups | wilkinson vibrato bridges with | FLOYD ROSE BRIGDES | schaller sureclaw | Hipshot tuners | Earvana nuts | CTS AND BOURNES POTS | MAD HATTER GUITAR ELECTRONICS


Your Spirit Dance Guitar

All of my guitars are built to order and individualised to each customer, and final prices are dependent on final spec.

Guitars cost from $5,000 (including hard case and shipping), for a guitar similar to the Spirit Dance ‘Medicine Crow’ guitar.

The Carved Guitars that I build are priced from $6,000 (including hard case and shipping) depending on the level of detailing involved. For example the Sundance Guitar that I build is priced at $8,000.

The Spirit Bonez Guitar that I build is priced at $8,750 (which includes a custom fitted full flight case and shipping). For more details please click here.


I also offer a service to ‘Spiritualise’ your own guitar. This is where I apply the Spirit Dance ethos and treatment to your own instrument and create something very unique and individual for you. The cost of this is $3,000 (including shipping).

For more info and prices please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss your personal Spirit Dance Guitar with you.

Shipping is included in quotes and I do offer a special Delivery Experience, where I can hand deliver your guitar to you at an additional cost (cost depends on location and my availability).

In the meantime you can have a look pictures of my build in the galleries

How To Pay

I make it paying for guitar build very pretty straight forward and easy. Payments are always split into the following to make payment manageable:

40% deposit

20% on completion of body

20% on completion of neck

20% on completion of the guitar

This makes it easy for you to finance the guitar over the period of time during which the guitar is being built (on average a guitar takes 9 to 12 months to complete currently).

I take payment via bank transfer or credit card via PayPal (receipts can be provided as well).

Of course, you’re more then welcome to make larger payments or spread the payments after the deposit over a period of time that suits you (monthly, two monthly, etc) to make it easier for you.

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You can check out videos of my guitar builds on my Youtube Channel:   Spirit Dance Guitar Builds On Youtube

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