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SPirit dance guitars is a coming together of my passion for music, art and guitars.

Each unique guitar is made by me, Jay Parmar, combining hand drawn artwork

real feathers and individually picked crystals 

each guitar is then reikied and saged

to prepare them for the client

Each guitar is made with high grade tone woods such as ash, alder and mahogany and necks are made of birdseye and flamed maple.

hardware includes:

ARCANE PICKUPS| bare knuckle pickups| SEYMOUR DUNCAN pickups | wilkinson vibrato bridges with custom made brass sustain blocks |schaller sureclaw and custom brass claws | Hipshot tuners | fender LSR nuts | Earvana nuts | 



All of my guitars are built to order and individualised to each customer, and final prices are dependent on final spec.

Guitars cost from $4,300, for a guitar similar to the Spirit Dance ‘Medicine Crow’ guitar.

The Carved Guitars that I build are priced from $5,500 depending on the level of detailing involved. For example the Sundance Guitar that I build is priced at $6,250.

The Spirit Bonez Guitar that I build is priced at $7,500.


I also offer a service to ‘Spiritualise’ your own guitar. This is where I apply the Spirit Dance ethos and treatment to your own instrument and create something very unique and individual for you. The cost of this is $2,500.

For more info and prices please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss your personal Spirit Dance Guitar with you.

Shipping is included in quotes and I do offer a special Delivery Experience, where I can hand deliver your guitar to you at an additional cost (cost depends on location and my availability).

In the meantime you can have a look pictures of my build in the galleries

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