Spirit Bonez

Spirit Bonez is my take and an evolution on the George Lynch Skull and Bones guitar. I designed this guitar to be as detailed as possible and to satisfy my personal need to feel like I was holding an instrument which had real bones ‘growing’ out of it! S, this guitar is exquisitely detailed! It is a real event to hold it and play it. The bodies of the guitars are made of either maple or ash as they are very hard and stable woods. The necks are maple (sometimes baked maple) and the fretboard is ebony. ‘Spirit Bonez’ is engraved into the back of the body. The guitars start from a wood blank and are completely hand carved. They take approximately 50-60 hours of work to complete. The pickup on this guitar is a Pariah Pickups Skere (13.5k, Alnico 8 magnet), and it can be built with either a Floyd Rose or Wilkinson tremolo bridge. Hipshot Locking Open Gear Tuners come as standard. The guitar is shipped in a custom made flight case as well. Originally I made the first guitar for myself and now I am really pleased to be able to offer it to you. For more information about options and specs please contact me.

Price: $8,750